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About the Work

Part of my Pines series vibrant oil painting for sale represents the feelings I had living at Wilderness Ridge after my divorce.  I called it "my villa in the trees".  The vivid colors are what it feels like to be there amongst the huge pine trees walking along the canal and the golf course.  One day a white dove was cooing with a lonely voice awaiting the return of its mate and it melted my heart. 


About the Artist

Lars studied art & design in Tempe Arizona at the Al Collins Collins Graphic Design School. An award-winning songwriter/artist, Lars paints hundreds of small and large works each year.After college Lars spent decades designing and marketing medical devices and consumer products to their prospective market segments. All the while never ignoring his passion for the arts.





Lonely Dove - Original Oil Painting

PriceFrom $280.00
  • Signed artist print reproduction of a Lars Owens original acrylic painting on chipboard.  Certificate of authenticity is provided.

    • 11 X 17 Artwork Without Frame

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